Zoom In/Out

Although Chartt FX 98 provides a way to zoom in/out charts. This functionality was enhanced in Chart FX FE. When the user presses the Zoom button in the toolbar, he is able to position the mouse inside the chart area, drag it and create a view to reduce the scope of data. This is particularly useful in Analytical charts as the Technical Indicators will also be zoomed in, as depicted in the following figure:

ZoomIn.gif (9244 bytes)

When the chart is in zoomed in state, a scroll bar will be created so the user may scroll the chart while taking a closer look at the data. This scroll bar is particularly useful in financial charts where a lot of data is plotted and sometimes it is difficult to analyze in detail. Also very important is the fact that Chart FX FE will recalculate the scale to accomodate the new view and the end user is able to see the data in detail

The zoomed in state is depicted in the following figure:

ZoomOut.gif (6802 bytes)