Trends are often measured and identified by "trendlines." A trendline is a sloping line that is drawn between two points on a chart. Rising trends are defined by a trendline that is drawn between two or more troughs (low points) to identify price support. Falling trend-s are defined by trendlines that are drawn between two or more peaks (high points) to identify price resistance.

One of These lines are depicted in the following chart:

TrendLine.gif (6408 bytes)

Because this is an interactive drawing feature, the user normally create the lines by selecting the first extreme point and then dragging the mouse to the other extreme point. When the mouse is released, Chart FX FE will make all the necessary calculations and draw the lines. Please note. it is not necessary that the user clicks on a specific data point as the Tirone lines will be calculated according to the axis scale and the position the mouse was released.