Analytical Charts

Chart FX Financial Edition provides this chart type where many indicators, both price and technical, can be displayed in a chart. Because it usually contains more data than just closing prices (like open, hi, lo and volume) many other indicators can be displayed in the chart. These indicators usually enhanced the Analytical capabilities of the candlestick or hi-lo-close charts. In Chart FX FE, we provide many advantages in Analytical Charts, among them:
  • Over 12 Price Indicators that are calculated automatically by Chart FX FE.
  • Over 15 Technical Indicators that can be used to enhanced the chart analysis.
  • Up to 3 Technical Indicators may be displayed in a single screen.
  • Up to 9 user defined indicators that can be calculated by the programmer and displayed either as a technical or price indicator.
  • 6 Custom Interactive Drawing fetaures that allow the user to select different areas in the chart to perform and display additional Technical Analysis information (i.e. Fibonacci Fans, Arcs, etc)

An Analytical Chart is an [Open]-Hi-Lo-Close or CandleStick chart which displays Price indicators in the section where the main chart is displayed and Technical indicators in a separate chart. The beauty of Chart FX FE is that it exposes both an API (Application Programming Interface) and a User Interface that allows developers as well as end users control and display both technical and price indicators.

Another important advantage in ChartFX FE is that it's an extension of our core product, Chart FX 98, which allows developers to virtually change any color and visual attribute in Analytical charts. Plus, it gives developers the ability to retrieve information from many sources, including databases, text files and others.

A Sample Analytical chart is depicted in the following figure:

InfoOnDemand.gif (13196 bytes)

Because Analytical Charts handle many many technical and price indicators, we're including a complete topic in this help file which discusses in detail how to handle Analytical charts programmatically. Please refer to "Analytical Charts" in the tree structure displayed on your left, this will guide you to the different Price and Technical Indicators available in Chart FX FE.