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    Dronning Eufemias gate 30
    NO-0021 Oslo
    Tel.: ‎+47 915 03000
    Fax: ‎+ 47 24 02 53 00

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    Strategy & Goals  

    year 2012


    DNB’s vision:
    Creating value through the art of serving the customer
    DNB will create value for customers, owners, employees and society in general.

    DNB’s values:
    Helpful, professional and show initiative
    The values reflect what should characterise DNB. Employees who are helpful, professional and show initiative will ensure that customers always have a good experience when they contact DNB.

    DNB’s vision and values are about putting the customers in focus. By having satisfied customers whose needs for financial services are well met, DNB aims to be the leading bank throughout Norway and a leading international player within selected customer segments, products and geographic areas.

    An important target for the Group is to achieve even stronger customer orientation in its operations and improve customer satisfaction.


    DNB’s strong position in Norway and the healthy Norwegian economy give the Group a sound basis for continued growth. However, uncertainty regarding future economic developments and new requirements from the authorities call for a high level of adaptability and will be guiding for DNB’s future strategic decisions.


    DNB’s ambition is to achieve continued growth parallel to strengthening its Tier 1 capital ratio. This requires clear priorities. DNB will give priority to growth within the areas which ensure the best risk-adjusted return, with special emphasis on noncapital intensive products and services.

    In consequence of the sound Norwegian economy, DNB’s growth is expected to be stronger in Norway than in its international operations over the next few years.


    Over time, DNB has succeeded in strengthening its reputation and improving its customer satisfaction scores. High priority will be given to ensuring good experiences every time customers are in contact with the bank. It will be particularly important to further improve customer satisfaction in the personal customer market and among small corporate customers.

    DNB’s customer value propositions:

    • present and attentive
    • competitive prices
    • attractive products
    • responsive and clear

    Compliance with the value propositions will, along with local competitive power and in-depth industry knowledge, consolidate and strengthen DNB’s position among customers.


    DNB will continue the process of coordinating, simplifying and streamlining operations, aiming to improve the Group’s competitiveness and its ability to deliver good services and products to its customers. A number of initiatives have been implemented, including the streamlining of staff and support functions and IT operations, as well as adjustments to the distribution network in step with changes in demand and customer behaviour.


    DNB will give priority to long-term value creation for its shareholders and aims to achieve a return on equity, growth and a market capitalisation which are competitive in relation to its Nordic peers.


    DNB’s long-term financial ambitions are conditional on relatively positive future developments in the macroeconomy and in the general framework conditions for the financial services industry.

    DNB’s financial ambitions towards 2015 are:

    • Annual average growth in net interest income above 6 percent
    • Maximum 2 percent average annual growth in costs including restructuring costs
    • Return on equity above 12 percent in 2015
    • Acommon equity Tier 1 capital ratio (Basel III) at 12.0-12.5 percent in 2015
    • An unchanged long-term dividend policy, with a payout ratio of approximately 50 percent of annual profits. In order to strengthen capital adequacy, the dividend payout ratio will be 25-50 percent in 2012-2014.

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