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    Dronning Eufemias gate 30
    NO-0021 Oslo
    Tel.: ‎+47 915 03000
    Fax: ‎+ 47 24 02 53 00

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    Strategy & Goals  

    year 2014


    DNB’s vision
    DNB’s values
    DNB’s customer value proposition

    Creating value through the art of serving the customer

    DNB will create value for customers, owners, employees and society in general.

    Helpful, professional and show initiative

    The values reflect what should characterise DNB. Employees who are helpful, professional and show initiative will ensure that customers always have a good experience when they contact DNB.

    Here for you. Every day. When it matters the most.

    DNB’s vision, values and customer value proposition are about putting the customers in focus. By having satisfied customers whose needs for financial services are well met, DNB aims to be the leading bank throughout Norway and a leading international player within selected customer segments, products and geographic areas.

    As Norway’s largest financial services group, DNB plays an important role in society. By offering financial services, the Group contributes to developing local businesses and creating jobs all over Norway. DNB also plays a leading role in the area of corporate social responsibility and is an important partner for sporting and cultural organisations.


    DNB’s strategic platform consists of the Group’s vision, values and a shared customer value proposition.

    The platform shows what should characterise the Group and sets a common direction in the form of:

    • Strategic priorities that ensure the best possible risk-adjusted return on allocated capital
    • Closer customer relationships and increased customer profitability by moving from “my customer” to “our customer”
    • Greater flexibility and adaptability

    DNB gives priority to long-term value creation for its shareholders and aims to achieve a return on equity, a rate of growth and a market capitalisation which are competitive in relation to its Nordic peers.

    DNB’s strong position in Norway and the healthy Norwegian economy give the Group a sound basis for growth. Changes in customer behaviour and in the regulatory framework call for a high level of adaptability and will be of significance to DNB’s strategy . Due to stricter Tier 1 capital requirements, optimal use must be made of available capital resources. Capital efficiency measures will be required to improve the Group’s capital adequacy ratios and provide scope for profitable growth.

    Financial ambitions

    DNB’s long-term financial target is to achieve: a return on equity above 12 per cent as from 2016

    This is conditional on adequate capitalisation, and DNB’s ambition is to have: a common equity Tier 1 capital ratio of minimum 14 per cent

    The capital adequacy level shall be reached no later than at yearend 2016.

    The Group’s long-term dividend policy is to have: a payout ratio of more than 50 per cent of annual profits

    Until the Group has achieved its capital adequacy targets, the need to strengthen capital adequacy will determine the dividend payout ratio. The Group aims to gradually increase the payout ratio up until the payment of dividends for 2016.

    Areas in which DNB must succeed during the strategy period


    DNB shall

    • Meet the capital adequacy requirement of minimum 14 per cent no later than at year-end 2016
    • Deliver a return on equity above 12 per cent as from 2016
    • Remain among the most cost-effective banks
    • Ensure efficient use of scarce resources

    DNB shall

    • Improve its corporate reputation and ensure better customer experiences
    • Cover a broader range of customer needs
    • Increase the degree of self-service
    • Meet customers with a common brand image

    DNB shall

    • Become the best among Nordic banks in terms of leadership communication and employee engagement
    • Ensure adaptability and change capacity
    • Cultivate an improvement culture
    DNB’s ambition is to achieve continued growth and competitive returns parallel to strengthening its Tier 1 capital ratio. This requires clear priorities. DNB will give priority to growth within the areas which ensure the best risk-adjusted return, with special emphasis on non-capital intensive products and services.
    DNB wishes to ensure that customers have a good experience every time they are in contact with the bank. Innovation and continuous development and good access to the Group’s services are key elements in this respect. DNB will show initiative, build trust and make sure that the size of the Group is advantageous for its customers. This is underlined by DNB’s customer value proposition: “Here for you. Every day. When it matters the most.” Good customer experiences, along with local competitive power and in-depth industry knowledge, will consolidate and strengthen DNB’s position among customers.
    DNB’s corporate culture should be characterised by change capacity, engagement, good leadership and effective communication. Close cooperation between the various group units will ensure that customers get access to the Group’s full range of products and services. DNB’s operational structure reflects the Group’s customer segments and aims to ensure efficient adaption to changes in customer behaviour and the development of products and services tailored to the needs of the various customer segments.

    DNB’s customer segments

    DNB’s customer-focused activities are divided into three segments. The follow-up of total customer relationships and segment profitability are two important dimensions when making strategic priorities and deciding where to allocate the Group’s resources.

    This segment includes all activities and products for the Group’s 2.1 million personal customers in Norway.
    This segment includes the Group’s total sales of products and services to small and medium-sized enterprises.
    This segment includes the Group’s total sales of products to large corporate customers in Norway and in international units, as well as all operations in the Baltics, including personal and small business customers.

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