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    Capcom Co., Ltd.

    Capcom Co., Ltd.
    3-1-3 Uchihirano-machi, Chuo-ku,
    540-0037 Osaka
    Tel.: ‎81-6-6920-3600
    Fax: ‎81-6-6920-5100

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    Year in Brief  

    year 2014/2015

    Operating Results

    Capcom Co., Ltd. announced that net sales decreased to 64,277 million yen (down 37.1% from the previous fiscal year) fiscal year ended March 31, 2015. As for profits, operating income was 10,582 million yen (up 2.7% from the previous fiscal year), ordinary income was 10,851 million yen (down 0.9% from the previous fiscal year), and net income was 6,616 million yen (up 92.1% from the previous fiscal year).

    Status of Each Operational Department

    Digital Content business

    In the Digital Contents business, sales of the special feature title “Monster Hunter 4G” (including “Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate”) (for New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS) were largely in line with the plan and sales of “Ultra Street Fighter IV” (for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC) targeting overseas markets were also solid, reflecting its strong popularity.

    “Resident Evil Revelations 2” (for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC), which is sold in a variety of purchase options (separate digital download sales of each episode followed by package sales), has also made a strong start.

    In addition to the satisfactory sales of “Dead Rising 3” (for Xbox One and PC), which was a million seller in the previous fiscal year, a steady increase in the sales volume of digital download sales of repeat titles contributed to profits due to their high profitability.

    On the other hand, sales of “Gaist Crusher God” (for Nintendo 3DS) were below expectations. Moreover, although there was a lack of major titles among Capcom’s mobile phone contents with certain exceptions including “Monster Hunter Freedom Unite for iOS”, the overhaul of the profit structure contributed to profitability improvement.

    However, overall sales did not offset the aforementioned downturn in “Monster Hunter 4” (for Nintendo 3DS).

    The resulting net sales were 45,351 million yen (down 31.1% from the previous fiscal year), and operating income was 10,208 million yen (up 127.4% from the previous fiscal year).

    Arcade Operations business

    In the Arcade Operations business, with the market continuing to be weak due to the increased diversity in how people spend leisure time, a lack of products that attract new customers, and other factors, Capcom strived to expand its customer base by acquiring new visitors such as senior and family customers in addition to the core younger generation customers. Specific measures taken included free experience tour offerings for elderly persons and the nationwide opening of five “Asobi Oukoku Peekaboo” sites targeting younger children.

    However, business remained weak due to the underperformance of existing arcades, in addition to the impact of the consumption tax hike and fickle weather. During the fiscal year under review, a new arcade was open in Saitama Prefecture while one unprofitable arcade was closed, bringing the total number of arcades to 33.

    The resulting net sales were 9,241 million yen (down 13.0% from the previous fiscal year), and operating income was 940 million yen (down 41.8% from the previous fiscal year).

    Amusement Equipments business

    In the Pachinko & Pachislo sub-segment, although the product lineup lacked variety to some extent due to the delay in the introduction of a new model caused by the revision in pachislo model certification method by the Security Communications Association, “Sengoku BASARA 3” introduced in the first half of the current fiscal year as well as highly profitable repeat sales supported the revenue stream.

    In the Arcade Games Sales sub-segment, business was generally weak due to a lack of strong products as sales centered on existing products.

    The resulting net sales were 7,540 million yen (down 67.4% from the previous fiscal year), and operating income was 2,736 million yen (down 61.6% from the previous fiscal year).

    Other Businesses

    The net sales from Other Businesses, mainly consisting of publication of game guidebooks and the sales of related goods, were 2,144 million yen (down 17.4% from the previous fiscal year), and operating income was 661 million yen (down 34.0% from the previous fiscal year).

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